At Machinery Rigging Inc., our experienced crews and long-time company experience has equipped us to provide services our competition just can’t match.

You hire a rigging service… they move, install, and set up your machine, but now what?

  • Are you left with having to hire an electrical contractor to get your machine powered and running?
  • Or suppose that a concrete foundation needs to be poured, but the millwright you hired doesn’t do concrete work, so they have to hire a subcontractor to get the job done.

With Machinery Rigging, Inc., not only are we able to move entire industrial setups, but we also install custom concrete foundations and high-voltage electrical hookups to get your machines up and running. Ours is a one-stop, turnkey service, that offers a complete job well done and the peace-of-mind you’re looking for.

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Electrical Installation Provided

With Machinery Rigging, Inc., our crews include highly accredited electricians with the know-how and capabilities to install all necessary electrical equipment to get your machine up and running.

That’s one more way that Machinery Rigging Inc. provides you with fully comprehensive turnkey services to get your job done from start to finish, without the need for additional contractors.

Custom Concrete Work

One more advantage of choosing Machinery Rigging Incorporated is our experience in performing all the concrete work necessary in getting your machine installed.

We build custom foundations, level, and install your machine – eliminating the need for subcontractors who may or may not be experienced in machinery rigging.

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